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Trinity School's annual hackathon

Come spend March 3rd coding with us!

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Our Team

About HackTrin

HackTrin VI is the sixth iteration of Trinity School’s annual hackathon and is on Sunday, March 3rd starting at 8am. Middle and high schoolers, of any experience level, can participate. You can form teams of 1-4 students, even across different schools, and work to make projects relating to coding. We'll have workshops and mentors to help you with your projects and learn! You’ll present your projects to our panels of judges to win prizes in multiple categories (including a beginner category)!

Trinity Team

Cleo De Rocco '20
Vice President
Head of Hardware

Matteo de Donato '19

Geordie Young '19
Vice President

Lila Selin '19
Head of Workshops

Ayesha Ali '19
Head of Web Design

Alex Sheen '19
Co-Head of Mentor Outreach

Rifat Islam '19
Co-Head of Mentor Outreach

Mithun Ramesh '19
Head of Sponsor Outreach

Henry Shuster '19
Head of Marketing and Social Media

Katherine Vella '19
Co-Head of Student Outreach

Anna Rietbrock '19
Co-Head of Student Outreach

Mary Kate McGranahan '19
Co-Head of Student Outreach

Andrew Ting '19
Head of Design

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